Southern Podiatry was established in 2007 in Waiuku by Treena Harris. In addition to the custom designed Podiatry Clinic in Waiuku, Southern Podiatry has South Auckland satellite clinics running in Pukekohe and Tuakau. Both clinics are based within medical centres (Pukekohe Family Health Care and Tuakau Health Centre) and work alongside these fantastic health teams to provide the best foot care for you and your loved ones.

Treena Harris

Diploma Comprehensive. Nurs
BHSc. in Nursing
BHSc. in Podiatry
Ngāti Rangi, Ranginui

Treena’s medical career began with her enrolment at Auckland Technical Institute of Technology in the Diploma for Comprehensive Nursing program. After graduating, Treena returned to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing from Auckland University of Technology.

An interest in emergency and paediatrics meant that she spent time at both Auckland Hospital and Starship Children’s Hospital.

Overseas Experience

Treena took her skills abroad to such places as the UK, mainland Europe, and Australia. These experiences provided a great opportunity to interact with other cultures and traditions.
In Australia, she was lead to work in nursing in the remote outback of Australia, which Treena described as “a fascinating environment where you had to have quick responses and confidence in your ability”.

Specialisation in Podiatry

Treena’s interest and focus in podiatry lead her to return once more to post-graduate study. Treena decided to return to Auckland, where she completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry at AUT University. AUT enabled her to utilise her comprehensive background in nursing to benefit her interest in podiatry.

Passionate About Your Wellbeing

With a history of diabetes in the family, Treena has seen first hand the damage that can be done if diabetes is not well controlled.
“My late grandfather would have been the first one to state that his diabetes was okay… until an incident that saw his trousers melting to the back of his legs whilst standing in front of the heater. He was completely unaware of the damage. It was only when everyone noted the burning smell that we became aware of what had happened.

“As podiatry is a relatively new health profession within New Zealand, it is my duty to inform people of the role we play in keeping them active and mobile. All foot issues are relevant to us”.

Georgia Wood

BHSc. in Podiatry

Hi- I’m Georgia. After graduating from AUT University with a BHSc- Podiatry in 2012, I’ve worked as a Podiatrist in Otago and Taranaki. I have recently made the move to “The Big Smoke” and am very excited to be part of the enthusiastic and caring Southern Podiatry Team.  

Experience in Podiatry

Working in the deep south and rural Taranaki has taught me a lot about the daily struggles and strain people put on their bodies, and more importantly on their feet. I see this at the gym and on the sport field- people “pushing through the pain” only to take one step forward and two backwards. The effects can be catastrophic.

My mission is to keep you moving and actively working towards your goals in a healthy way. Collaborative work with other health professionals and sports physicians/ educators can assist in eliminating abusive training regimes. Guided exercises, appropriate footwear and orthotic insoles are the tools of my trade in which I help you recover and prevent future injuries from occurring.


In my spare time you will find me fishing at Opito Bay or hiking through national parks in the summer. Come winter time when I can’t be on the water, I take advantage of the snow at Ruapehu”.


I believe in treating my clients the way I would want a family member treated; with compassion, education and motivation. I look forward to meeting you!


Our Administration support team is made up of Dawn McKay (Shareholder), Sarah Price, Catherine Crispe and Barbara Powell.

Our team is a combined job share/ part time role. If you regularly attend a particular day of the week, you may only discover some of our team- not all of them. No matter who you encounter, our team is there to assist you in your foot cares.

Handling everything from front desk and telephone inquiries to processing all the Podiatry instruments and equipment, they are all invaluable members of the team. If there is anything they can help you with, please just ask.