Our commitment to great service is second to none. Just take a look at what our customers are saying!

“I had some callus on my feet as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Much to my surprise Treena not only removed my callus, but could help me with my painful arthritic feet. Treena looked at my feet, and made innersoles that have significantly reduced my pain. I have not been this comfortable for years. Now I can walk around the shops for hours without having to return home to rest my painful feet!  I highly recommend Southern Podiatry – Podiatrists do so much more than I thought!”

Name witheld

“Thanks very much. I am so happy I came and saw you yesterday. I did a 2.23km walk today in my lunch break and have not felt better in a long time.”

Mr Ward, Pukekohe

“Southern Podiatry is an excellent facility – friendly, supportive and a lovely atmosphere. And I love the way I feel after I have been to have my feet ‘done’. Thank you very much.”

Bev, Pukekohe

“I was getting really bad blisters on the bottom of my feet when playing netball. Southern Podiatry helps my blisters clear completely and made my time playing netball a lot more enjoyable. Would I recommend Southern Podiatry? I already have!”

L Woods, Waiuku

“I got a diagnosis straight away from the Podiatrist after seeing many other people over the last year. And my questions were answered extremely well”

Name Withheld, Pukekohe

“One of the problems I faced in getting back into serious running when I semi-retired several years ago was toenails lifting and becoming infected. I’m pleased to report that my toes have been free of infection, thanks to Treena’s good care and my improving knowledge of toe care.”

M McNaughten, Waiuku

“My feet have never felt so good. It’s amazing how light you feel after seeing the Podiatrists. Can’t recommend them enough”

M Jones, Papakura

“A huge thank you to Georgia & Treena.
I went from having constant foot pain whenever I was at work to having no pain at all! The pain was so bad I would come home nearly unable to walk, but since I have had my orthotics in my work boots I have no pain at all. Georgia was very thorough with her assessments & follow up consults. I cannot recommend Southern Podiatry highly enough.”

B Price, Waiuku

“Of all the services in the health sector, Southern Podiatry must rate as one of the best. Well done. Keep up the great work.”

L Johnson, Waiuku

“Always a pleasure to come into the clinic. Very friendly… Always have time to talk and listen to you.”

Carol Hampson, Waiuku

“I couldn’t stand my painful feet any longer. My first visit was such a relief, I can’t wait to return.”

J Read, Awhitu