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Have you ever wanted to know…?

By 31/01/2017Other

What products have you wanted to use but not known how to, or if you should? We have been asked about several products over the past year and here is a brief review for you to consider.

listerine-for-toenail-fungus Listerine

Can you use this to treat Fungal Toenail Infections? To answer this question, you have to consider what it consists of.

Often it has a very high medical alcohol component which is quite astringent. For some people, they use a cup of Listerine, one cup of vinegar (not malt unless you love the smell), and two cups of tepid water. They use this as a foot bath solution. Does it work? Whilst there is limited discussion and no evidence to support it, I propose that it is the routine of the treatment that is more effective. Fungi are very light sensitive- and most people use a foot bath in a sunny spot whilst relaxing. Fungi don’t like alcohol based solutions but it isn’t a known fungicidal. It will suppress it, not kill it.dr-scholl-pedimed

Scholls Express Pedi

This is designed to remove dead skin and debris from peoples feet. It works mechanically to flake off drying skin particles. It can be of benefit to people with light heel callus but you should always consult a Podiatrist if it is not having the intended benefit.

The device does not go fast enough to cause damage to the skin and if used aggressively, the heavier friction will stop it from rolling.

Podiatrists use a commercial variety- it goes faster and is more abrasive, but is very effective.revitive-circulation-booster

Circulation Booster

The circulation booster has been around for some time. Treena has recalled stocking this product more than a decade ago.

It is similar to a TENS machine which is often found in a physiotherapy practice. It can assist with lymphatic drainage and reduce foot swelling, and it can stimulate muscular contraction.

From our perspective, it is a fall and trip hazard, something that we routinely avoid if possible. It can be a novelty item initially, and then end up stored in the roof space due to lack of use.

One word of caution- if you have a pacemaker- you should not use this device.