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Is there a similarity here?

By 14/03/2015Treena Harris

I am training at the moment- and yes- that means “running”.

Most of you are aware of my current crusade to get fitter. And everyone has been so encouraging.

It is the little words of encouragement and the pats on the back (figuratively) that have made me smile.

But the winner by far is Jan- who presented me with this little gift.Kerre CD

The first three words of Kerre’s book title are descriptive and accurate for me. The pose in the photo is a good replica if I do say so myself.

But in terms of completing a marathon, it may be some time before I am worthy of the full accolades. Here’s to trying.

       Treena and Kerre

Thank you Jan for the gift – it will come in handy during the training process.