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Students at Southern Podiatry

You may have been aware, or it might be news for you, but Southern Podiatry hosts AUT Podiatry students every year. It is a privilege to be involved in the development of our future professionals. And we have to say- “We love it”.

This year, we had the company of the lovely Meagan join our team for her placement. In previous years, we have had: Jess, Siona, Siliva, Ken, Sharon, Sarah- well-  just to name a few.

      And each time we host a student, we are grateful for our wonderful clients- yes- you-  for letting them participate in your foot care. And special mention goes to those that consented to the student assisting with their surgeries. Without willing participants, our students wouldn’t have the absolute immersion experience that we thrust them into.

So, “THANK YOU” to our Students- past and present, our clients, and all those willing to continue to build on another’s learning pathway.