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The Southern Podiatry team learn to cook.

It was with bittersweet sadness that we held our Christmas function last week.

We celebrated our wonderful team with an exciting cooking class, and in the same breathe bid farewell to Kimberly Scott- one of our Podiatrists.

For the cooking class, we chose the Vietnamese Summer Rolls, followed by 5 Spice Duck with Orange Sauce and for the dessert- it was a beautiful tart. The pictures show the story in more detail than I can possibly write.

The Team of Southern Podiatry 2014- Louise, Tania, Treena, Pam and Kimberly.

The cooking class is located locally in Drury and is taught by the fabulous Samone. If you wish to inquire about the cooking class- visit her website- Samones.co.nz. It is certainly that special event that we would recommend everyone and  anyone to try.


Everyone got their hands dirty and jumped right into the preparation (and eating) of the wonderful dishes. Lots of giggles and laughter on all sides of the kitchen.

Even though the two Podiatrists have experience galore with scalpels, it was with trepidation that everyone took to the butchers blocks and kitchen knives. Overall, we impressed with our knife skills- both Podiatry and Admin team. It was a draw!

The Duck Dish did get some modifying by the Southern Podiatry Team. As you can see, we played with our food.


Now just a word to those considering the cooking class- the Duck head does not have to be part of the dish- we just liked the company! That’s what happens when some  of the team have their hunting licences.

Wonderful tasting duck

The only dish missing a photo is the dessert. I can only say that we were so impressed with the look and taste of it that it didn’t hang around long enough for a photo. Perhaps next time?