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The Sri Lanka Chronicles

Wow- what an experience. A country that surprises and enthuses at every turn.

Sri Lanka 1 The Teardrop Isle known as Sri Lanka- (Ceylon).

This trip to Sri Lanka has been in the planning for two years. And it was hard to dampen the expectations. I personally think that if people set their expectations too high, the trip will always fail to impress. But a small part of me still likes to dream and hope.

Sri Lanka Fish   Drying fish on sacking in Negombo

Sri Lanka proved to be a destination that I will recommend over and over again.

But you will have to find your own reasons for going. We all have different ideas about what excites us, and for me it is always the people. The Elephants came in a close second though.Sri Lanka and Treena Althea and Treena with their Lily crowns.

I was fortunate to have my father (Gary) and his wife (Althea) accompany me on my journey. It was a country that appealed to all of us equally in many ways- particularly the climate at this time of year.Sri Lanka Gary and Althea

The pictures can paint the story here but if you wish to know more, I am sure I can be convinced to tell you of our travels when I see you.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog (my version of a postcard)- love Treena.

Sri Lanka Elephant

Sri Lanka 2      Sri Lanka 3