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Your toes hurt. Get them sorted with toe props.

Toe Props:

– just look how many types there are! They can be made from Silicon, or felt, or various materials.

Group toe Props

You may feel like you are swimming in an ocean of silicon, felt and ribbed sleeves when it comes to toe prop varieties.

We are often asked which devices would suit a particular foot type. It is important for our Podiatrists to assess the foot to determine which one to choose. Each foot, each toe is different from all the others. They are as individual as every human on the planet.

Genetic Traits.

There are certain characteristics that we can see in the foot that are related to your family members- those little genetic traits that link you to your siblings and grandparents.


If a family member has:

  •  bunions,
  • clawed toes
  • pain in their feet, or
  • arthritis
  • there is a high likelihood that some of those traits will be inherited by you.

But ……………BEFORE you panic, run around and scream, …………….perhaps…., just perhaps…… you should see a Podiatrist. Remember- our job is to “keep you happier and healthier from the feet up”.

An experienced Podiatrist can often predict where the toe will migrate to. By creating a toe prop that supports and realigns the digit in question, we can slow the process. It is important to note that some deviation cannot be reversed. A bunion for example will continue to move over time. The only process that can reverse a bunion is surgery (which is not the option for everyone). If this is the recommended treatment plan, our podiatrists can refer you to a surgeon approved by Southern Cross and other major insurance companies. Let’s talk about it and choose the right option for you.

Book in today. Lets talk about your toes!

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