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What are your fitness goals? A foot health check may be needed first.

As I welcome May this year, I reflect on the last four months and my goals. The peaks I’ve climbed, the fish I’ve caught, and of course the people I’ve met. It’s been a great opportunity commencing work at Southern Podiatry and exploring the local country side of the Franklin region.

Easter have come and gone and we are now in May. It is a great time of the year to make goals and start a new routine. A foot health check may be required to help you achieve these goals.

  • What fitness goals would you like to achieve?
  • Do you have foot or leg pain that you wish to resolve?
  • Do you have an old injury that is still playing up?

If you’ve never been to a Podiatrist and you are unsure what to expect please read on…

Your goals and a Podiatrist Assessment:

Complete Medical History:

Before the assessment you will be asked a few questions about your medical history, current conditions and current medications. This information is extremely relevant and is kept confidential.

Palpation and range of motion:

Starting at the big toe joint, your Podiatrist will test each and every joint of your foot and ankle feeling for restriction or limitations, excessive movement and pain.


Alignment of your feet, ankles, knees and hips are assessed from the front, side and back aspects. This might include standing, balancing, squatting and jumping.


(Photo of Georgia enjoying the Autumn sun at Awhitu Golf Course on ANZAC day)

Gait analysis:

At Southern Podiatry we have a purpose built hallway for assessment of walking, running, skipping and hopping. This part of the consultation allows us to watch each foot and leg complete a full natural movement cycle from when the heel hits the ground to when the toes push off.


Footwear is very important in the assessment, here we are looking at wear patterns on the sole, appropriateness for purpose, heel support and cushioning, midsole flexibility and toe movement. Bring at least three pairs of shoes to your appointment for assessment including what you wear at work, for casual and for sport.

A full biomechanical assessment usually takes 30 minutes. In this time you will be assessed and receive a personalised treatment plan. Should you require further investigations, your Podiatrist can order these or arrange through your GP.

Southern Podiatry is ACC registered so book with us today! Phone 09 235 2060 for an appointment.