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Otago Rail Trail in all its glory.

By 22/01/2017Other

Get on your bike and hit the road.

This is by far the best way to see the countryside and experience NZ. We were fortunate to use the services of a fabulous bicycle tour company called Cycle Surgery.


We decided to ride in costume. Think fitness guru from the 80’s Richard Simmons and twist it with a dash of “Absolutely Fabulous”. Knee high socks, sweat bands, oversized glasses, a Hawaiian leis and a headband with pigtails and a bow- what a treat!


Such a vast expanse and clear skies. This is late December and the weather was perfect.

wedderburn   cycling-view-jen

This trip can be done at anytime. You will want the overcast days when you cycle 40kms. And it adds to the drama of the location. We have it on good authority that this trip is done by some in winter. They come for the ski season and decide to add a cycle journey into their experience.


If you wish to follow in our bicycle tracks, we highly  recommend Cycle Surgery. The service we received and the southern hospitality was wonderful. Your luggage is picked up and delivered to the next residence without concern.