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Have you heard the news?

It is time for Kimberly Scott to explore the world!

Well- it starts first with a trip around the South Island. And then its the world.

Kimberly has been a part of Southern Podiatry for many years. It will be extremely strange to not see this face peering at us throughout the week. How can we forget these expressions?

It is the season for travelling. Treena was in Sri Lanka in July. Pam was in Europe in September. It was only a matter of time until Kimberly got the bug to hit the road. the plan is for local travel in the South Island after the Podiatry conference in Dunedin, and then on to Australia for some time with friends. The UK is a stepping stone on the way to Canada for her new Podiatry career.

So we kick started her travel experience with an Asian styled cooking class. We had to think of how we could show our love and fondness to our “one of a kind” team mate. And what better way to do so than over a shared meal¬†with friends.


We all wish Kimberly well in her travels. She is gone but not forgotten in any way, shape or means.Seriously- how could you forget the girl with a thousand puns?

Kimberly- you will be missed by the clients, the community and above all- the Team.

We love you to bits- Good Luck with everything.

Feeling great after a lovely lunch.