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Sri Lanka or bust.

Treena is going to test the limits of her feet during an excursion in Sri Lanka next week. For years, Treena has suggested people search out warmer climates during New Zealand winter months, and she has decided to follow her own advice.

Sri Lanka

So Sri Lanka was decided on as the destination. Why? Because none of the touring party had been there before. As good a reason as any. Apart from the length of the flying- 16 hours one way, it promises to be an exciting trip. Mosquito repellent at the ready, cotton clothes almost in the suitcase, and togs thrown in for good measure. I wonder what type of foot problems she will encounter? I am sure it won’t be long until she spots something that fascinates her.
Treena will be unavailable from 27th July to 13th August with her Sri Lanka trip, immediately followed by a conference from the 15th August to 17th August 2014. Whilst she is having a break, Kimberly will continue with clinics scheduled in Waiuku, Tuakau and Pukekohe.

Watch this space for an update on what Treena finds over in Sri Lanka.

It may be the next hot spot for those with an adventurous heart.